If I Ruled The World

By | May 2, 2015

You might have noticed there’s a general election on Thursday – hey, the most important gameshow in real life, yeah? – so here’s an episode of If I Ruled The World, the Richard Osman devised and produced panel show from the late 1990s which is also Sweden’s most popular show, or something.


The next Bother’s Bar Mario Kart tourney is next Saturday night, if you want to join in remember to add me as a Wii U friend (BrigBother) and make sure you’ve downloaded both DLC packs.

5 thoughts on “If I Ruled The World

  1. Nico W.

    My thoughts on last night’s “1000- Wer ist die Nummer 1?”: I think it was a bit boring and felt as long as the recording (it started at 7:30 pm and took until about 3:30 am). The games were interesting (I enjoyed the car parking puzzle btw), but I never felt that excited, because I didn’t get to know the players. The last game was the first I actually felt somehow excited although the players had a deal of sharing the money (because of the long recording). There were at least 2 games left out and the “puzzle in the box” game (the one where 25 contestants were whittled down to 5) was played because of some technical errors. Therefore the show ended 35 minutes earlier than planned.
    I’m interested to see whether this show will make it to the UK as it was a format co-created with BBC worldwide, but the ratings (3.64 million/ 12.8% market share) weren’t impressive despite all these headlines surrounding the heart attack of one contestant in the first round and alle the other complains the contestants had. You can read a good round-up of the events over at DWDL (http://www.dwdl.de/nachrichten/50636/aufzeichnung_zu_neuer_zdfshow_geraet_aus_den_fugen/)

  2. Paul

    Any chance of doing Mario Kart early-ish, around 7 perhaps?


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