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By | October 6, 2020

Various channels, Various times,
But it mainly looks like first run on Comedy Central Mondays at 8pm and Channel 5 repeat Friday 10pm although apparently that’s only the first episode.
The first ep is on tomorrow at 8pm on Comedy Central as well.

Slightly baffling Comedy Central commission that makes a bit more sense being repeated on other Viacom channels variously during the week.

Sara Pascoe invites Darren Herriott, Alan Davies and various other comics and celebs up to her massive attic to play various iterations of the Name Game, each answer being a clue to a mystery celebrity revealed at the end of the show. Comic John Kearns is the richardosman.

It’s *fine*, I’m just not sure who it’s *for*, not loose enough for Dave, not especially funny enough for a comedy channel – it made me chuckle but that’s about it, not must watch enough for terrestrial prime time – you could stick a civilian on each team, offer a cash prize and stick it on in daytime Win Lose or Draw style. It might have more legs there, actually.

Don’t just take my word it though, they’ve uploaded the first ep onto Youtube:

12 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Guessable

  1. Daniel w

    This was boring as heck, theres no need to for it to be a exclusively comedians show,
    could easily be a civilian show like bar as said, or replace the comedians with kids and it could have easily been a cbbc show.

    None of the games are original, talking of cbbc, I think that poking through head and guessing what they are has been done on dog ate my homework, a far better panel show.

    There’s no chance for Sara to shine as host as most of her dialogue comes from autocue where as good panel shows gives chances for the host to interact and riding improvise too.

    It’s cheap enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a second series but if it did, I wouldn’t be watching it.

  2. Chris B

    As alluded to here and on Twitter, Comedy Central has really lost its identity. It’s basically 5 Comedy, but sort of not at the same time. It’s a bit of a shame it seems to be churning out the “50 Top Hilarious Cat Video” clip shows in primetime nowadays but I guess it must be working on some level. This new show strategy really is baffling too given it’s quick repeat on 5. Along those lines, has series 2 of Celebrity Game Night been getting a repeat on 5?

    On this, I’ll probably give it a watch. John Kearns is one of my favourite live comedians I have ever seen, although I suspect this is a far cry from his on stage schtick.

      1. Chris B

        Ah understandable but would love it if they had just taken a punt on that version of him

    1. Brekkie

      No surprise considering Ben Frow now runs the suite of Viacom UK channels and has basically stripped C5 of it’s identity in favour of it being a rather dull but functional channel.

      Can’t see this rating any better than Blockbusters or Your Face or Mine did. Can somewhat understand the latter being axed as it’s had a lengthy run and they can probably get similar ratings from repeats, but would have been nice to see a Blockbusters revival get more than one series.

    1. Henry R

      They also seem to have ‘borrowed’ the entire game of Obama Lama/Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme for their final round

  3. Anon

    It’s basically a ragbag of party board games slammed together in a row, and frankly Not Good Enough.

  4. BranSul

    In America Battlebots was originally on Comedy Central, they have always had ebbs and flows of how much “comedy” there really was.

    Distraction’s US version was on Comedy Central as well, after all. Is that show supposed to be funny? I could never quite tell

    Full disclosure: Love 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown tho

  5. Alex Richards

    Ah, it’s Vendredi tout est permis without any of the bits that makes VTEP memorable or halfway good.


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