Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 20

By | October 16, 2020

Saturday 17th October, 10:15pm – 12:30,
Here and on Youtube

(If you’re looking for the Show Discussion of The Cube, it’s the next post along, or you can click here.)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, the new Jackbox got released on Thursday with five brand new games (well, four and Quiplash 3) and that means that the winners of previous Game Nights across the year all get invited to try them out in the annual Champion of Champions. And you get to join in and interact LIVE!

This year Team Audience have earned the right to play by right by finally winning an Arbitrary Final, and they’ll be joined by other Arbitrary Final winners, Moral Victors, and David J Bodycombe because he’s a celebrity.

This episode I will need a Voice of The Audience for two bits:

  • The Devils and The Details requires verbal communication and teamwork – you will not have a chance if you can’t verbally communicate.
  • Talking Points is a bit less important – I’m happy to stand in and give the lecture if the audience player only wants to work the slides. It’d be more fun with you doing it though.

To become a Voice of the Audience, we will need to be friends on Discord so I can invite you to the private no lag room. I am BrigBother #9399. The Audience can decide amongst themselves who will put themselves forward in the Youtube chat. Remember to have a working mic!

Note the slightly later time – because I know that the community will want to watch the premiere of The Million Pound Cube we’ll be starting after it, hopefully no later than 10:20pm. The Youtube feed will be here, but we recommend watching on the Youtube page as the lag will be slightly less and you can join in with the audience chat.

See you then!

3 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 20

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Great night, thanks everyone! Jackbox 7 is a really strong pack – Champed Up is like Tee KO meets Bracketeering, but not nearly as ponderous as TKO and often pointedly funnier. Talking Points was very funny – great choices of slides, hopefully there are lots of them.

    Blather Round is great, like 25 Words or Less except you don’t have a big choice of words. Quiplash 3 is Quiplash.

    The Devils and The Details is a fun take on Spaceteam but is not, I don’t think a Game Night Game – might be something I might throw in from time to time to mix it up but probably won’t find itself often on the rotation. Thanks very much to Toadboy for coming through for Team Audience.

    The final! Right, when I decided this is what I was going to do, it was going to be set in a circus, the inspiration for having a Barrel of Laughs (which is just Part 2 of The Road to Sortition cropped a bit). The hope was to come up with 30 ‘gags’ and only one person would face each one. However, last weekend I only had about 15 punchlines I was happy with, so reformatted the game so two people would get drawn out and they could both have a go at it, the second person getting to look nervous as they might not get to answer it. The double act rule was a bolt of inspiration that hit a few days ago, which is when I decided it was going to be a comedy club instead.

    Obv the punchlines came first and the ‘set-up’ built around them. Brad the Inhaler is my fave. They’re just a factual set-up with a syllable or two changed.

    As a rule I’m not a massive fan of Voice of the Audience – the Audience just want to play along on their phones largely and it’s a hassle selecting people but sometimes needs must, I felt that three VotA games in one episode was really pushing it, so borrowed the system from Blather Round – effectively they have less time and have to type, but there’s an army of them to make up for it.

    Genuinely I hadn’t considered the prospect of the No Win No Fee ending. That’s the fun of not playtesting any of these. It’s genuinely quite hard to come up with 9 colours that contrast well with each other.

    Look out soon for Vol 2 of Arbitrary Finals, now I have ten more in the bank!

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    How long will it be before Team Audience can take its rightful and hard-earned place in the Champion of Champion of Champions – Jackbox 12, or something? I suppose the previous CoC was Game Night 16, so maybe fewer Game Nights intervening than I would’ve expected.

    Different question. Is Jake, the listener from this week’s Fingers on Buzzers, a denizen of these parts? He would surely fit right in.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I normally do four eps a year, and I think the first one was 12 off the top of head which would have been Jackbox 5, so 12 sounds about right now Team Audience have earned a place by right.


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