Impossible’s back today!

By | October 19, 2020

Er, we forgot. Watch it on iPlayer. Apparently they do the jackpot question differently.

Edit: Although:

Absolute scenes.

12 thoughts on “Impossible’s back today!

  1. Gerard Rocks

    Today’s Impossible was definitely recorded before Covid
    (its copyright date was 2019). And I reckon that the different approach to the final question was just because the contestant was visually impaired (they did that in similar circumstances once before, with numbered answers and no time limit) and I reckon it will be back to the regular format tomorrow.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Redwards suggested on Twitter that these were recorded last September, and they just finished recording a second block a few weeks ago.

  2. Oliver

    Impossible is probably my favourite daytime quiz ever so it’s nice to have it back.

    If it was already taped, I’m surprised they kept it on the shelf for so long given the Coronavirus-related content shortages.

    Ellie was one of the most impressive contestants I’ve seen on the show – she completely dominated. I didn’t think either of her ‘board’ questions were especially easy.

    1. Brekkie

      Quite a bit of content was pushed to the back of the shelves in the spring in favour of repeats so that effectively the shows already filmed could replace the content they were now unsure if they would be able to film.

  3. John R

    When did Rick Edwards change his opening catchphrase from “Hi I’m Rick Edwards and this is !mpossible”?!

    I haven’t watched in a while…

  4. Duchess

    This is the second half of series 7 –
    and leads directly into series 8 –
    which was recorded, very safely, during Covid.
    Looking forward to hearing people‚Äôs thought on the tweaks…

  5. Cameron

    BBC1’s best quiz. You can keep your Catchpoint and The Hit List. This should be going out alongside Pointless on Saturday nights.

    1. Des Elmes

      Has it already been a year and a half since the second and most recent celeb series aired? Blimey.

      When !mpossible came third in the 2018 Golden Five the write-up said, “It feels like a show everyone is desperate to take off, but doesn’t seem to *quite* catch fire. 2019 will be a decisive year for it, we feel.”

      It fell to sixth in ’19, behind Taskmaster, House of Games and Millionaire. However, it still finished ahead of Tenable and Pointless – so I wouldn’t say *just* yet that it’ll never be hugely popular.

      It *will* be interesting, however, to see how it does in *this* year’s G5. I don’t expect Covid to greatly shake things up here – I’m still expecting OC and The Chase to be the top two in either order, with the ‘Master and Millionaire there or thereabouts, and Pointless still just about bubbling under (I’m probably not the only one who wouldn’t be tremendously surprised if it never got back in the G5).

      Only two and a half months away, as it happens. Double blimey.

  6. Thomas Sales

    Here’s one for you. From next week, repeats of The Customer is Always Right will be airing weekly, on Fridays before !mpossible at 1:45pm. When was the last time a show aired weekly in BBC daytime?

    1. Danny

      It’s partially down to Doctors only now airing 4 days rather than 5 so they need a friday replacement. Because they did burnoff their regular daytime shows.


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