Wheel of Hammond

By | December 1, 2020

The Sun reporting that Alison Hammond is being lined up to host a reboot of Wheel of Fortune, 19 years after it last aired.

We like Alison (who was also the ref on underappreciated The Time It Takes, let us not forget) but before anyone gets too excited there’s no guarantee the reboot will be successful – it’s the sort of show that channels internationally reboot every few years only for it not to last all that long.

We always thought Ace of Base’s Wheel of Fortune 2009 is itching to be used in some capacity as a Wheel theme.

3 thoughts on “Wheel of Hammond

  1. Christopher McBride

    All I ask is that they keep the original 90s theme if they reboot this, would only need minor tweaks, but the guitar solo and key change needs to stay.


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