Things to do this weekend

By | December 17, 2020

As Depeche Mode once sang, “is there something to do?” Well yes Dave, this weekend there is.

  • This Saturday it’s the final Schlag den Star of the year, Sonia Zietlow vs last-minute stand-in Jürgen Milski. We will have our usual Watchalong from 7:15 UK.
  • Voting is still open for the Bother’s Bar Game Night Award Ceremony Special! Lines will close early in the New Year.
  • And speaking of award ceremonies, it’s just over two weeks until Poll of the Year. Is there anything missing on the UKGameshows list that ought to be there?
  • Finally, hot on the heels of that Noel’s House Party compilation thing, the Youtube Channel fortboyard1990de will be launching a three hour fan made documentary based on the German 1990 Fort Boyard series, which I’ve got a big soft spot for, featuring interviews with cast and crew, and the whole thing is produced by Daniel Logemann who of course you all recognise from German industrial band Massiv in Mensch. That will go out on Sunday at 7pm GMT (8pm GMT), 30 years to the minute of the first episode going out. Edit: here’s a direct link.

3 thoughts on “Things to do this weekend

  1. John R

    Something crazy to think about, just 2 weeks on Saturday and it will be time to get those Mol books out again! (and headphones for TVs Michael Harmstone podcasts of course)


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