Happy Christmas

By | December 23, 2020

Don’t worry about the new Tier restrictions, this bar will stay open for the forseeable. This post is going to be pinned to the top – a signpost of sorts, so you can jump to relevant things that will be going up over the next week or so. You should use this post for general comments for the period. And don’t forget we have a Discord!

  • Celebrity The Celebrity Wall Versus Celebrities Thursday 6:55 BBC1 – Probably not worth its own post, but there’s the link to the original Show Discussion post.
  • Epic Gameshow: The Price is Right Christmas Special – Thursday at 8:15 on ITV. No point starting a separate post for this, use the linked Epic Gameshow Show Discussion one.
  • One Night In Hamleys – Thursday C4 9pm. Likely to be of interest even if not specifically a competitive format.
  • Miranda’s Game With Showbiz Names – Thursday, BBC1, 9:45pm. Kevin Hart’s Celebrity Game Face comes to the UK, and now it has Miranda.
  • Boyard Land – France 2 have basically given up on this, burning three eps this week in the afternoons on Xmas Day, Boxing Day and the 27th, and further episodes next weekend. Pity, quality of life improvements abound for series two but it’s just not taken off.
  • The Celebrity Wheel With Celebrities – Friday (Xmas Day) 6pm, BBC1 Not sure how different this will feel with celebs in the middle as well! Show Discussion post linked.
  • Blankety Blank – Friday, 7pm, BBC1 – Filling a space in the Christmas Day schedule.
  • The Story of SM:tv Live – Saturday, ITV, 9:25am – Note the am here! Likely to be of interest. Hopefully lots of Dec shouting at kids. Note this is repeated the following day at 8PM for those who can’t be bothered to set their alarms!
  • The Masked Singer S2 – Saturday, ITV, 7pm – Not sure this is going to be worth a Show Discussion post – we know what the format is and it’s unlikely to be greatly different, it’s more fun playing along on Twitter or whatever anyway. Here’s the link to the original Show Discussion.
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year – Saturday, 9:05pm, C4 – usually an entertaining enough watch.

What else is likely of interest across the next week? We’ll open up the Wie Is De Mol? 2021 page in due course, and The Poll of The Year will open January 2nd.

Edit: WIDM page is open!

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Brekkie

    There’s probably a format in the Tier system somewhere, even if it’s just a future revival (or rip off) of the Big Brother Rich/Poor divide.

  2. Chris B

    SM:TV has a prime time repeat the following night for those who can’t be arsed getting up at that time or using the ITV hub

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Finding a 1986 episode of Cheggers Plays Pop is quite nice, spotting the unexpected Assistant Producer in the end credits even nicer. He did have reason to be in that televisual neck of the woods at that time, but still took me by surprise.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      There’s loads of Cheggers Plays Pop episodes up! Look for Cleops’ channel – lots of great stuff on that in fact, including It’s A Christmas/Miners Knockout, if you can get past the problematic element.

  4. Brekkie

    Happy Christmas all.

    Seems to be a Pointless style change to Tenable with ten clues given to ten answers rather than just a top 10.

  5. John R

    What on earth was up with Warick Davis on Tenable? He seemed really under the weather 🙁 Perhaps more to the Sally Lindsay story than they’re letting on at the moment…

    A cracking #hostholdingaquestioncard effort on the ITV Player thumbnail though!

  6. Chris M. Dickson

    Remember how people enjoyed the video of that bloke trying to cross Wales in a straight line? He’s also done Real-Life GeoGuessr, where he’s dropped off in a location somewhere within about 150 miles or so of Birmingham and has to explore the locality to work out where he was dropped off, ideally to within ten metres to score the full 5,000 GuoGuessr points for the location. It’s a two-parter, with the two parts adding up to about 50 minutes, and it’s very good. It’s also about 80% of a game show format, and you can add the other 20% yourself.

    My first draft version has a contestant having forty minutes (excluding travelling time, and this seems like the right opportunity to return to ferrying contestants around by helicopters) to identify the location at which they were dropped off four times. When the contestant enters their guess on the map, a barrel of coins is dropped at the guess location in the real world, and the contestant has to physically take the money from the guess location to the actual drop-off location. If this is only a handful of metres away then this will only take a few seconds; if the guess is further away then the transport will take longer and thus consume more time. (Contestants might elect to move some, but not all, of the money in order to save time for later locations, but it means they stand to win less money.) Contestants need to move the money to the right place four times within 40 minutes in order to win it.

    I don’t even think it would be particularly expensive to produce these days; a pilot should even be workable (by car, rather than by helicopter) on an amateur budget.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yeah I’ve liked his real life GeoGuesser vids, I don’t know if he still does them the same way but the early ones it felt like he’d just find a sign and go “oh I must be here then!”


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